A collection of contemporary and delicate designs made from recycled chiffons and hand-dyed silks, drawing inspiration from vintage lingerie, couture details and the female form. Reminiscent of childhood summers spent by the sea in the west of Ireland, the colour palette is a blend of vibrant primary colours, subtle earthly tones, and photographs of the shoreline formed into prints, all designed to capture the contrasting beauty and tonal hues of the wild Atlantic coastline.  Úna’s work features delicately draped hems and necklines with asymmetric straps, gathered panels, cut-outs and ruched detailing formed into modern, sheer silhouettes.
Founded in London in 2022, the clothing line supports mindful consumption, using certified fabrics sourced responsibly and produced in an independent female-run studio in Barcelona.
Úna has worked for various luxury fashion houses - Alexander McQueen, Christopher Kane, Marc Jacobs, and Molly Goddard. Since leaving London, she has been a freelance womenswear designer for other independent brands.
Contact us at: design@únahayde.com