Our Policy


To reflect the label’s commitment to low-impact production, every garment is created through sustainable practices and pre-order to prevent waste.  We use long-lasting recycled materials and are constantly reviewing our approach to lower our impact on the planet. Everything is produced in Barcelona at a local, female-run factory. 

Pre Order

All items are for pre-order only. Only producing limited runs of each item ensures a more sustainable way of manufacture, as fabric and other resources are not wasted. It also means that you receive a more exclusive product. Check product description for delivery time.


Sublimation Printing

All of our prints are made locally in Barcelona using heat sublimation. Sublimation printing offers an alternative to polluting dyeing practices; it uses minimal water and wastes no ink or dye and enables vibrant, durable colours in any design or print. 


Manufactured in Italy.
Made from recycled plastic bottles.